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Good Food Awards 2014

The Good Food Awards, held in San Francisco each year and put on by Seedling Projects, is a gathering of some of the nation’s most delicious and authentic food producers who generously share their wares. Judging across a wide range of categories – beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, oils, pickles, preserves and spirits – the awards honor producers around the country who meet specific criteria based on an extensive set of principles put together by The Good Food Awards Committee including:  [Read more…]

Reinventing Old Favorites: Dad’s Lamb Chops

As I get older and reflect back on my life, I realize that a majority of my fondest and most vivid memories involve food in one way or another. I have always loved food and was fortunate enough to grow up with an adventurous palate. My mother cooked most nights, pulling from her arsenal of go-to recipes (lasagna, turkey tetrazzini, Swiss steak, roasted chicken and veggies) that were regularly rotated throughout the week and often paired with her legendary garlic bread. I loved all – ok, most – of these dishes and would often stand on a chair at the counter to watch her every move (sampling ingredients along the way, of course).

Lamb Chops Recipe [Read more…]