Snack on This. 50+ is a Huge Opportunity for Food Brands

Did you hear the one about the 54-year-old who stopped snacking and eating candy? Yeah, neither have I. In fact, on any given day, if you look into my pantry, you’ll find a variety of these items — crackers, nuts, snack bars and a bar or two (or three) of dark chocolate. And I buy these EVERY TIME I GO TO THE STORE.

Apparently, I am not alone. According to IRI Worldwide, Boomers like myself are spending twice as much as Millennials on these items – in fact, it’s a whopping $24.5 billion vs. $12.3 billion for snacks and confections combined. What’s more, this well-heeled target market, numbering 109 million Americans according to AARP, is on the receiving end of the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. They represent about 50 percent of the $6.4 trillion spent by U.S. households annually (Consumer Expenditure Survey, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sept. 2013).

So if you’re in the business of marketing food, don’t forget about me and my 50+ counterparts, or you’ll miss an important business opportunity. Oh, and are you going to eat that last piece of licorice?

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It’s All About Eves

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m all about eves. I like the days and nights before something’s going to happen – the anticipation, the planning and the ongoing discussion and preparation of food, food and more food.

I can’t exactly pinpoint when “eves” became so important to me, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to one day late in November when I was eight years old, and my family had just moved from Washington, DC to California.  I found my  mother, an avid cook and “armchair” traveler, sitting on the floor in the kitchen, scouring her December issues of Gourmet and Sunset magazines, looking for ideas for our family’s first Christmas Eve party on the West coast. She was turning pages and muttering, “What could I possibly serve when it’s sunny and 70 degrees? It just doesn’t feel very Christmas-y.”

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