The Tao of Fried Rice

Editor’s Note: Ever since Jim Lin joined Ketchum everyone smiles a bit more. We know we have a true Jedi Master in our midst. He is an award-winning daddy blogger, brilliant communications strategist, terrific father and soul mate to his love, and all-around great guy. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean as you read his story. His San Francisco colleagues have been begging him to make his famous Fried Rice for us for years and now he generously shares his technique. Enjoy!


“There is no recipe,” my dad proclaimed over the rhythmic clanging of a spatula against blackened carbon steel, “only technique.” This was his response when I asked him how to make fried rice several decades ago. So I dedicated much of my childhood to watching intently whenever he fired up my favorite meal, committing every movement to memory, from the first splash of oil into the smoking wok, to the final cascade of brilliant white rice, speckled with expertly seared meat, eggs and vegetables onto an awaiting plate. After that, it was always a blur. That’s when you know you’ve had good fried rice. You come to, belly full and smiling.  And 30 minutes later, you actually are hungry again – because it’s simply that good.

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