Best Food City in the World Nomination #1: Hong Kong

Ketchum has offices in 68 countries around the world and that provides our global network of food lovers with plenty of healthy, fun competition about which city has the best food, chefs, and home cooks. This week @ppetite challenged employees to a Culinary Face-Off explaining why their city deserves the honor of being called The World’s Best Food City. Today’s post comes from Thomas Kwan who makes a good case for Hong Kong. If you think that your city deserves the title, please send your post and photos to Let the competition begin!

Hong Kong calls itself “Asia’s World City” for a good reason. It can be considered the capital for any type of cuisine you can imagine, from side street snack shops selling curry flavored fish balls, to Michelin 3-star restaurants serving the finest French cuisine. Of course, there are delicacies in between that locals and tourists should not miss. Here are some of my favorites:

There’s nothing more comforting than hot pot, an Asian dish that is sort of like fondue but made in a much larger vessel. It features a wide variety of soup bases and ingredients from which to choose, but beef is the essential hot pot ingredient. Head down to ChaosHotPoter and be sure to ask Ted to help you pair your beef slices with a nice bottle of red wine. Megan’s Kitchen also offers a range of beef cuts for your indulgence.

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