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One sunny San Francisco afternoon in 1996, a mother returned home after a quick trip to the grocery store to the unmistakable smell of freshly baked goods. As the warm, sweet smell wafted down the stairs, her blood ran cold. She had left her 4-year-old son home alone and had not left anything in the oven. Dropping her groceries on the stairs, she sped to the kitchen. Upon sliding back the plastic folding door she was greeted by her son seated on the blue tiled floor in his overalls, giggling and covered in flour. In utter shock and confusion she opened the oven and found 12 golden muffins baking away at a cozy 375F˚.

Thus, it was clear from a very early age that Sean Judkins-Boeri was destined for a career in the food industry. While he maintains a fiery passion for all things culinary, he is particularly fascinated by the ways in which food has molded the world in which we live. As editor of @ppetite, Sean seeks to curate content that not only provides insight into industry trends, but also attempts to answer the ever-important question of “why?”

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Sean Judkins-Boeri

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