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From the Ketchum Food Studio

Six decades. That’s how long Ketchum has been in the food communications business. And for nearly forty of those years the heart and soul of our food practice has resided in a French country-style professional test kitchen housed in our San Francisco office. Like any kitchen worth its salt, ours serves as a gathering place for those with a passion for food and collegial conviviality. It was created by Maggie Waldron in the 1970s and has hosted the likes of Julia Child, Gary Danko, Thomas Keller, and countless luminaries who have shaped the way we eat in America and beyond. We have expanded our scope of work in the kitchen today to accommodate the new spectrum of digital communications and social interactions – helping our clients around the world engage in virtual education, sharing, and hospitality.  Today the Ketchum Food Studio serves as a global meeting place for conversations about food, so it’s fitting that our worldwide blogging community would be curated from this beloved spot.

As the editor of @ppetite, I intend to create a place where everyone can join in – to talk about food, flavors and techniques, while sharing recipes and stories about memorable meals. @ppetite is not only a virtual kitchen repository for posts written by Ketchum colleagues from 68 countries.  It is also a place for you to participate. Think of us as your personal culinary insiders in cultures, cuisines, and dishes familiar and unknown, or as friends who generously share their expertise on food topics near and dear to their hearts.  We hope you will share yours as well.

While we certainly appreciate the various opinions of our writers, please remember they are their views and not those of the agency.

If you love a post, or even disagree with something, please chime in and leave a comment. When doing so, we just ask that you keep it respectful and remember that we all have our own opinions. Oh, and please don’t spam our comments section. We consider that to be bad manners.

Amy Kull

@ppetite Editor
Ketchum Food Studio
San Francisco, California

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