Food For Thought from Savvy New York Food Bloggers

The best way to understand what a food blogger wants is to have a conversation.  

In recent months I’ve had several opportunities to talk one-one-one with food bloggers,and each time I come away with a new idea or a fresh insight.  That’s the amazing world of food.  Someone is always stirring the pot and creating something new.   

So, it felt like a banquet of delicious dialogue when I served as moderator for panelists Josh Friedland of The Food Section, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn, Karen Hochman of The Nibble and Kat Kinsman of AOL FOOD/Slashfood at a Public Relations Society of America New York Chapter "Meet the Media" event on October 21.   

Their websites and blogs embrace topics as diverse as the rituals of cooking, fine foods, quirky pop food culture and breaking news.  And, they had a lot to say about the ascent of the blogosphere, working with PR professionals, the death of Gourmet magazine and the hottest food trends to watch.    

On the popularity of food blogs:

  •  Everyone can start a food blog and everybody eats
  • Community, sharing and comments are a significant emotional benefit of blogging
  • Food blogging is a crowded field and starting a successful blog is much tougher today

Advice to PR professionals looking to pitch them:

  •     Read the blog first
  •     Blast emails and news wires are easy to ignore
  •     Blogger briefings are rarely attended
  •     Craft a personal e-mail pitch
  •     A clever pitch in 140 characters or less could get noticed
  •     High resolution pictures will help a story if the pitch is targeted correctly

Did Blogs kill Gourmet Magazine?

  • Blogs offer more options than ever for foodies, but lack of advertising killed Gourmet
  • McKinsey killed Gourmet

FTC Food Blog Disclosure Requirements:

  • Compliance is the law
  • Large sites dealing with product reviews already follow disclosure requirements

The hottest food trends according to the panelists:

  •     Food TV
  •     Healthy eating with fine foods
  •     Gluten-free cooking
  •     Reducing meat in the diet
  •     Bacon
  •     DIY cooking
  •     Lamb
  •     Gourmet Hot Dogs
  •     Slow cookers