Happy 20th Anniversary, Saveur!

One of my favorite gifts this holiday season arrived in my mailbox disguised as the January/February 2014 issue of Saveur magazine. But it wasn’t until I had a few luxurious hours to myself that I realized the culinary treasure before me.


Photo via saveur.com.

In celebration of the magazine’s first 20 years, its editors invited some of the biggest names in food to comment on their favorite Saveur recipes featured since 1994 and to relate the stories behind them to their personal lives. In this superbly edited issue, the likes of Ruth Reichl, Marcus Samuelsson, Thomas Keller, and Cecilia Chiang grace the pages in conversation, leading the reader through the Saveur 100 – an annual roundup of the current global culinary scene.

The pages leap with mouthwatering photography of simple dishes like migas, described as a “Spanish-style scramble of eggs, fried chorizo, and crusty cubes of day-old bread” or tartiflette casserole from France’s mountainous Haute-Savoie, bubbling with melted reblochon cheese (photo above). Vibrant, happy food collages created by California-based photographer, Julie Lee (photos below) will wake you up just in time to stumble, bleary-eyed, famished, and in search of spectacular food that you’re sure awaits you in your kitchen.

Julie Lee Food Collage_s.fit_

Photo via saveur.com.


Photo via saveur.com.

If you’re not a Saveur subscriber, be sure to pick up a copy from the newsstand before it’s too late. Then, sit down by the fire and get ready for a few hours of delicious reading. Fair warning: Don’t approach this issue on an empty stomach!

Felicity Cloake's perfect cacciatora

Photo via theguardian.com.


  1. Amanda Walter says

    I’m loving Julie Lee’s photos! I’ll have to pick up a copy of Saveur to check out the rest of them!

  2. Julia Marino says

    Great post Amy! Agreed – this is a STUNNING issue of Saveur. I was just at the Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea a couple days ago (which is featured) and was overwhelmed by the incredible local food…from braised pig’s “trotters” to massive steaming pots of savory soups. Love the photos you posted above!

  3. GarlicGirlBlog says

    Great, all I want to do now is leave work, grab a copy of Saveur, curl up on the couch and plan what I’m going to cook this weekend. 🙂

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