So what DO they serve at The Obesity Society meeting

So what DO they serve at The Obesity Society meeting
If you are thinking this is a post about food so fabulous that you can’t stop eating it, then read no further. The Obesity Society is not about gluttony unleashed. The former name of this group, the North American Society for the Study of Obesity, is much more descriptive of its mission. It actually is a science geek
s paradise, with presentations mostly on metabolism, genetics, physiology of diets, . . . . . but don’t let me digress. Big hunks of beef, mounds of white bread rolls, pasta with cream sauce, roasted vegetables dripping with oil,  baked chips (which, by the way, have about the same number of calories as fried), wraps with mayo, sugar sweetened soft drinks, were all on the menu for Society sponsored events. And for a group so intent on nutrition labeling, none was available. 

So basically, the professionals are no different from anyone else, further validating that knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate to behavior. But lest you think this is a totally boring group, make note of this 3 inch thick textbook that was available for sale– Beer in Health and Disease Prevention.


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